i went to the emergency room Sunday as my last resort night because my arm was hurting like crazy (the bengay heat patches and excedrin pm's failed me).

i went straight back. and for the first time in a long time my dad went with me to ask why was i being sent home without treatment in the past

the nurse explained that people do come into the e.r. dependent on pain meds. call me naive but do people really do that?

speaking for myself i'd rather be snuggled in my bed watching true blood.


anywhoot, she understood my situation and mentioned she had a son that has chronic pain, two minutes later she came in with an im dose of demoral. RELIEF!


once i woke up i was able to go home. and it was suggested that i find a chronic pain specialist to report to rather than going to the e.r.


and to top it all off..i get a phone call from the nurse around 11am today asking how my pain was, and stated if i needed another dose to come back and she'll take care of me. i thanked her, but told her i was ok.





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I went to ER sunday too, but I had to get the  patient laison involved bc I was unhappy with the treatment from the dang Dr. he was such a jerk, but Im about to call u now love muffin!!!

Hospitals are becoming more informed about chronic pain & conditions related to it like SCD.  Education, education, education...thank God.


You might want to follow-up with that pain specialist and have them write out a "treatment order" for you.  You take this document (order) with you everytime you go to the ER....it gives medical staff directions on your treatment (for pain, etc) and there is no question about your need for meds, etc.


Thanks for the info Jones!!! Would a hematologist be able to do the same?

I use to have problems going to the ER all the time. The Dr would take forever went I was in pain and then they would blame me for having bad veins went they couldn’t get an IV in. I also had a few times were they refused to give me meds to treat my pain because they thought I was a druggy just looking for a fix. I would always come out of the ER or hospital with thousands of bruises all over my arms and legs. So what I did was get a clinical Note (protocol) from my SCD specialist Dr, and gave it to the hospital I go to. Now they know what to do when I come in for pain management or anything else.   


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