Is this something common?

My doctor proposed this to us.

I don't know much about this procedure and will it work???


Pls Let me Know!!

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Hello Ebony,

The procedure is called a "Blood Exchange"...

I had it done in 2005 and yes it will work but only for awhile. It is used when there is a HIGH RISK of Clots, Strokes and Heart

related issues. They will insert a special needle in the neck and filter the blood like Dialysis, The machine is able to detect SICKLE CELLS and will remove them and replace them with regular blood. it will remove and replace the SAME AMOUNT at THE SAME TIME. It will take Two days to complete as they do not want to cause the body to react or go into shock because of the sudden exchange. Except for the small incision to the neck, it is almost painless. Remember, blood cells are made from the bone marrow thus this is only a fix until they can get your body to make better blood cells. IT IS NOT A CURE.

It took almost 9 pints for my exchange, I had many clots that also required surgery to save my life.

If the procedure is done, have friends and family to donate blood to help cover the cost.  I had 6 pints in reserve after the procedure.  Hope this answer your question?.... take care.

Thank you Wilbert,


Did you feel different after a blood change?

What kind of side affects did it have 4 you?


My daughter is about to undergo this procedure next week.


Thx for replyin



The only side effect is a possible fever form the exchange. They can control and treat the fever before she leave. She will see a sudden change in energy
And oxygen as she reach 50% blood volume replacement. In 90-120 days she Will be back on her own cycle of blood.... her sickle cell blood. This is a quick fix to get her out of the bad cycle of blood being produced and releive the pain. A better fix is to supply the body with blood brain barrier nutrition that can enter her brain and nervous system which will increase her inmune system, Stop inflammation and infection and control the pain. help like essential oils, astaxanthin, Ecklonia cava, Gaba . This is why many people dont belive I have sickle cell because my eyes are so white and I dont get sick often.
After the exchange They will ask to put her on a drug called hydrea. You will have to make that decision as it can have many bad side effects. I was on it and came off of it because it did more harm than good. Your child, your choice. I'm drug and pain free using the protocols listed above. I pray all go well.

oke thanks for the info, really help a lot.

But she has been on hydrea for 2 years now, but it hasn't really help her.

But the following step is a bone marrow transplant.

We will be doing this operation in the coming year( b4 she makes 16 yrs)

They want to do blood exchange 4 times before the operation.

All this is very new to us 2, so all info or advice is welcome




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