Crisis Length + Additional Aches + Houston Weather

stranger danger.

hello people.

i hate posting after the fact. in my case right now, during. anywhoot.

i wanted to ask what is the average time for recovery while you're in crisis?

as an adult. my healing time would average around 2-4 days. being that i have to bite the bullet and get back to work.

this past episode (last week). has now carried over into week #2. i was discharged on last friday. and i have been at home aching ever since.

this particular aching doesnt feel sickle cell related. the shin bone, knee, and various portions of my leg feels as if its on fire. literally a burning sensation. (the docs have dismissed the possibility of blood clots).

has anyone ever experienced lingering effects from a crisis?

and oh my moses. i need houston bottom of the map texas' weather to get it together. our temps here are very bipolar. to go from 70° one day to 39° the next is killing me softly!!! i know my city mate and a member of this site ms mandy pandy is shaking her head at me. lol. dont whoop me. i was behaving myself.

anywhom. that is all the venting i have for now. hope the rest of you are in good health!!!

take care,


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hey Myra, hope u are feeling better by now. for me, it depends on the severity of the crisis, sometime it only takes a couple of days like u said. however if it was serious and i had to get an exchange transfusion(which i have thankfully only had to get once), it takes a bit longer to get back to being 100%, about a week and a half. I feel u on having to go back to work on time cause i personally hate using up all my vacation days when am sick, then end with no more days left.

as far as the arching, i have been having knee pain this whole month, doesnt feel like scd pain either, arching in the bone kind of pain, but not severe, i have been taking aleeve and just  hoping it goes away soon.

btw the weather has been just like that here in MD too, its ridic.

get well soon!!


I don't visit this site often enough. I see that you already received 11 replies, but I will still add my two cents. As an adult I do notice that a crisis and fatigue can linger much longer than when I was young. I believe it is because as adults we have to get back to our responsibilities and back to earning a living. When we were younger than 18 we were allowed to miss school and make it up later or have home schooling. It allowed our body to heal and recover at it's own pace.

Wishing you well. or gabapentin . they willl help


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