I recently graduated from college and began working full time in consulting. I get up at 6 *cough 7* and usually dont get home until about 6/7pm. I've been trying to get a consistence sleep schedule but it's hard. Anywho, I noticed that recently I've been having more pain that usual. I would have two small crisis twice a day for three days in a row. I used only get pain like twice a month

I know im going to have this job for a while so Im wondering how do you guys deal? I know my first step is getting more sleep but what ever can I do? i always wear a sweater so I dont get cold. try to get up so Im not stationary for too long but i can't keep hiding being in pain at work.

I'd appreciate your feedback =)


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All of our situations have variables and we have to find what works best for us. I'm still learning and adjusting to the changes. I've been ok getting up at 5:30 and not going to bed til 12ish most nights. My sleep is also often interrupted with priapisms. My body is whacky. I try to make it up by icaasuonally having a day where all I do is chill. It's tough with a 2 and 4 year old tho. Lol
Yes! In case things escalate you can at least have a salary.
Also after 1yr you'll have FMLA which you can use intermittently as needed when your not feeling up to it. Speak to your HR and they may have a Medical Accommodation they can provide until you become eligible for FMLA and Short Term and Long Term Disability.

I use reusable clickable heating pads called Repeat the Heat to get through the pain. I have 30 that I bring to the office. I even have a hot plate and a light weight camping pot that I brought to the office (and house it under my desk) in order to reset them so that I don't need to walk with so many. I don't know how I would get through a work day or an errand day or any day really without them.

I wake up at 5am, get to work by 830am and get home by 7pm. I'm very. Tired in the morning and usually very sluggish.

I'm beginning to think k I need to get more rest so I can be in enter shape.

What I do is carry a bag of reusable heating pads that I activate and stick in my pants around my hips and back throughout the day. The localized heat allows for me to push through the pain. I focus on the heat of the heating pad and it serves as a little distraction and escape for me. I wouldn't be able to work or even do errands without these heating pads. I use the Repeat the Heat brand. 

Wow I use icy hot roll on, but I'll give the reusable heat pads a try. 

Also, I have a scarf and space heater permanently in my cube

Started a new job, not sure when I should have the convo.. when do you usually have it?


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