I recently graduated from college and began working full time in consulting. I get up at 6 *cough 7* and usually dont get home until about 6/7pm. I've been trying to get a consistence sleep schedule but it's hard. Anywho, I noticed that recently I've been having more pain that usual. I would have two small crisis twice a day for three days in a row. I used only get pain like twice a month

I know im going to have this job for a while so Im wondering how do you guys deal? I know my first step is getting more sleep but what ever can I do? i always wear a sweater so I dont get cold. try to get up so Im not stationary for too long but i can't keep hiding being in pain at work.

I'd appreciate your feedback =)


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Hi Bukky. I can understand how hard that can be. The one thing I find to help me is to take small naps on my breaks and eat well. Don't forget drinking. Try that and good luck.

thank you! I will try to do that.. i know I have def been slacking on my water intake

I hope that your corporation has job protection. It has been so long that I forgot the name. It allows you to take sick time without being penalized at work or denied promotions. I would recommend requesting " a reasonable accommodation" for keeping a heater at your desk. Try to avoid high pressure. If you have one trusted friend at work that knows about your condition and is willing to look out for you that is also good. I hated when the whole office knew because I was out of the office so often.

Hey Ali, I do have protection over than. I am more concerned with the day to day of it you know? Yea I'm def trying to keep it on the low.. on a need to know basis

It's called FMLA (Family Medical Leave Accommodation?)

I struggle with the same issue, so here are my tips:
I would suggest taking special attention to your meals (drinking and eating more and better) to help your body recover from the crisis, and taking some multi-vitamins again to compensate for the extra stress you're putting on your body!

thanks Aidin! I already take multivitamins though.. any vitamins in particular i should look into?

Hi Bukky, I spent 5 years at a consulting firm so I know exactly what its like. My recommendation is to see if you can work from home as an option, that way you don't have to commute daily. Its definitely worth speaking to someone in HR to see if reasonable adjustments can be made for you. I found that doing this allowed me to reduce commuting which definitely helped my health but more importantly my productivity which is what the company cares about. In the absence of being able to do this, I can only advise making sure you take pain killers as soon as the pain starts, drinking tons of water and treasuring your weekends so you can recharge.
I eventually moved from consulting to project management so I can work flexibly and reduce the number of days I have to physically be at work.

Hope this helps and sorry for the long post

I did put this on my to do list to reply you but sadly i forgot. Anyways from what you are saying and from your response to the other comments below, i think you have done a great job taking care of your self so far. However the characteristic of work in general regardless of what you are doing is the fact that there is a tendency to develop stress. That's something that's hard to avoid. From experience though, i know that the trick is how do you deal with it. When i get stressed i loose appetite, i don't drink my water, i generally slump back and that's when the crisis kicks in. I don't know about you but try and also look at that aspect of stress because  it partly might be contributing to the frequency of the crisis.

Hope i was able to help

sign up for fmla, and leave when ever you are in pain, i worked in coorp America for 10yrs and i didn't know this at first but i found out 2yrs in to working my job and

going through a crisis. my hemco gave me 40hrs a mth to use as i needed so i could leave early or come in

late and use fmla to protect my job and health.



I just had to reply. I worked 24 years with NASA, at very stressful job. That stress eventually broke my body down & forced a retirement. So, what I have to say may not be what you want to hear.

Money ain't everything. We need it to live, but we have to be alive to use it.
You did everything right; graduated from college, got a good job & take care of yourself. But, now you have to limit the stress on your body and the stress in your life. That may mean another career. What do you LOVE to do? Find a job that surrounds that. Then, when you go to work it's love not stress leading. Bless you sister on your journey.
I graduated in 2004 and been working Corpatate for almost 12 years. I don't even tell people I have this illness. I don't even sleep great hours. I'm always busy with 2 kids as well. Only thing I truly focus on is making sure I'm super hydrated. I drink more than 2 gallons of water per day. I think in overdoing it but... I helps. Lol! I always have to get up and go to the restroom during meetings. I know they look at me funny. Lol! Don't care.


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