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I am new to this group. I recently came across Carao on the internet and I want to know if any member has information about its effectiveness and/or side effects.



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Hello, I used Carao on my sickle cell child for almost 5 months but noticed no difference with his Hb readings. Someone has told me also that although they claim its not high in Iron, in reality it has high concentrations of Iron which might not be suitable to all SCD's. However, im not sure about that
I know a diet/lifestyle that works. I recommend that u cut off all dairy products, any food with yeast including bread and avoid food that are heavy on the liver. I suggest that you be intentional about ddrinking water
Just to clarify things.. Carao is not a medicine.. its a fruit that they make a molases from and is found and sold in local supermarkets. This molases is used in daily diet of people from the middle east and people from south america. In the middles east its usually mixed with tahini and eaten with bread as a dessert. It has many health benefits but not something that would make a huge difference to sickle cell patients I guess. Or atleast with my son we didnt notice any change in his Hb levels. However it might be high in 5HMF which is an anti sickling agents.
Eat food that are high in thiocyanate. Don't buy any portion sold by anyone. Always make yourself a carrot juice 2X a day. Don't involve urself in any activity that will cause a sudden change in body temp. Swimming/water play is not for you; it will result in a crisis like episode. I can really go on and on.
Sickle cell is a genetic disorder that can behave like a nutritional deficiency. Read the book by Oji Agbai titled "Back to the Mother land home remedies". Don't buy any portion! Hope this is helpful


           There is NO Magic pill or product when it comes to SICKLE CELL DISEASE!

I Have it and it caused the Death of my Sister. In order to bring this Disease under control, YOU MUST employ a cocktail of nutrients in order to see a True change. Once, More and Again, Use Bio-active supplements so that your Compromised Liver will be able to process it without any break-down. Every Sickle cell Patient needs at a minimum the following but they must be in it's Natural form and not Synthetic:




Fish or Salmon Oil



Red Wine or Grape seed extract

AS a example, look at the following link and you will see the top three in a one pill Sub-lingual tablet in it's Natural form and will be Bio-active as soon as it hits the blood stream.




Bottom line, Know what you are getting and Know if it's True.

Hope this helps?

Thanks for your helpful replies. It's good to get advice from people you know are trying to help and not to rip you off. God bless you.


Carao fruit (pronounced ca-rah-oh) from Costa Rica , is known to naturally build the blood which is very relevant for SCD. It boosts energy, and is low in iron. Dr. Luis Carmona, M.D., completed a  Costan Rican study of carao for anemia in May, 2004.  His conclusion: "By a mechanism that is not very clear...it helps correct anemia.".   Also, in Dec  2004.  a distinguished medical journal published an article on the effectiveness of carao for anemia in laboratory animals There is also an ongoing study by Dr. Attahiru I. Sokoto in Nigeria , a pediatrician who calls carao a "new dawn in the management of Sickle Cell Disease and Anemia."  CR Natural, a Costa Rican company that produces extracts of carao, makes regular donations of carao to his hospital. More details of carao are available from  www.AnemiaAnswer.com or  www.CRnatural.net or  www.natural-anemia-solution.com and from Dr Sokoto at  attahirus@hotmail.com.


I Tried that for three months and there was NO CHANGE in my blood work!... If anyone finds this to be of use, then by all means use it IF indeed you can see a TRUE change in energy or in blood work. The PROOF is in the pudding or in this case.... CHANGE!


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