Bone Marrow Transplant / Stem Cell Transplant 2010 and NOW (6 years later)

Hi All,

This month marks I believe 6 years, since I donated bone marrow to my older sister who had SCD. I have SCD trait.

I didn't see any recent posts, and I've fallen off on this website to be honest, but I want to encourage you all to continue to seek out research, and donors if this is an option for you.

My sister did not experience Graft vs Host, or any other complications from the procedure. She had a healthy baby about a year and half later, naturally, even though they were sure the short term chemo would cause damage to her ovaries and insisted she froze some eggs. 

I can happily say my niece is a very bright, loving and once again HEALTHY 4 year old!

My sister is healthy too, of course having a disease for 25 years of your life does take a toll on your body so she has some aches that I'm sure she could describe better. But I just wanted to reassure you is possible!

May God bless you , and keep you. :)

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