Has anyone ever received a bone marrow transplant or know of anyone that did? If so did it work/ how is the person doing now? Did you ever think of getting it done?

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See my blog Our Voice for an article on this subject.

There was a study done by the US Institue of Health. Some of the patients are not doing well, but no one is "officially" talking. I'm not convinced it's a good idea for adults yet.

My son had a transplant on 09/24/2010 and is doing well....his bone marrow is 91% donor...my son is 15 yrs old

Hey Jhana....I am glad to hear that you son is doing great after bone marrow transplant. I am considering of getting it done for my child as well. Which hospital did he get it done? If you dont mind I will like to speak with you about it. Thanks so much and do have a great weekend!



My cell number is 407-209-4289, I would love to talk to you.  It is very hard for me to find people to talk to who had previously had a transplant done.  It is being done alot but because of sterotyping alot of people do not go public.  Adult transplant is still being studied but the children already has been proven.  The only thing that is being done right now regarding to children is the dosage of chemo is being reduce and that is still being studied but so far it has been proven to be doing well.

I also meet someone who is 10yrs post transplant and is doing awesome!!!

I am on eastern standard time.

Give me a call.



Yes, On Thursday, March 3rd myself, Joy and her Mom will be talking to the doctor about Joy geting a transplant.  I am Joy's grandmother, she mostly lives with me.  Contact me on Monday, March 7th and I will let you know what the doctor comments were. 
I am considering getting one for my 6 year old son. I am getting him tissue typed soon!
One of my friends received a bone marrow transplant and it did not work for her. After being in the hospital for 9 month recovering from this transplant she found out that she still has sickle cell. It's really hard on her because she thought by getting this operation done she would be sickle cell free. I advise anyone that is considering this operation to weigh your options. The transplant doesn't work for everyone. Please do your research and talk to your doctors before you make any final decisions.


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