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Often time people with sickle cell are told to do very light excerices.  I was wondering if anyone has ventured out of this. Am I the only one crazy enough to sign up for long distance races? I found that in undergrad excerice became a kind of thearpy/tress releif for me and being active helps keep me pain free. I have recently signed up for another half marathon but now that I'm workng full time I'm wondering what the training experience will be like.


I'd love to hear from you all - any avid runners, cyclist,  lifters, body builders etc out there? What has your experience been and how do you balance the two?



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I've never been able to exercise properly, I have sickle cell beta thalessmia. I don't recommend running any distance at all, my body doesn't react well to running, I will get sick fairly quickly, you may differ but it's something I see that catches up with me and others who have sickle cell. You may not get sick right away but you probably will later, not something I advise.

I work out lightly, squats and dead-lifts will send me to the hospital so I have to go light.

Working out is one of my hobbies! I'm more into weight lifting but I do cardio as well. I'm too scared to run multiple miles. I too feel like exercise helps me stay healthy for the most part. I have over exerted myself brogue tho. Lol! It was a learning experience. I thinks it's awesome and inspiring that you run long distance!

I feel like working out and staying in shape helps me have less pain overall and bounce back quicker when I have a bad crisis. Still since I run out of breath quicker I mostly avoid long endurance training and exercise and do weight lifting with a bit of cardio. I would say just learn your limits and be extra careful to rest before you hit that limit so you don't send yourself into crisis...and don't compare your results to everyone eels

Yes, I think that really is the key, know yourself and don't compare to others. I've been working on core strength training the last 4 months and I think that also helped have less back pain overall (most of my crises were in my back).

great to hear other sharing :)

Hiya. Unfortunately I've only been able to do light exercise as well. A game of badminton or tennis even will give me sharp, stabbing pains in my back. On good days i can dance and gyrate vigorously about my room, but its usually not the best idea for me. I try to avoid running as well. But I walk everywhere as much and as often as i can. 


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