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Regardless of how much sleep I get and how early I go to bed, I am always still tired and always hard to get out of the bed in the morning. Do you all feel this way too? Is there anything you have done that helps?

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I wanted to reply to Maxine, they tried the injections on me and we found out very quickly they Dont work. They would throw me into a crisis soon as I got it (epogen) kinda a shame but I guess it wasn't meant for everyone.
Hello Ebony, the injection that that I am getting is working better than the hydroxirea which took my hair out. So I asked for something else. I have been on the injection a little over a year now and my counts are steady. Also as for as the tiredness we have to take into account that the weather have a lot to do with it also. For me I didn't get as tired when the weather was warmer. Take care and stay warm.

Hi Maxine,  can you explain what injection are you taking?

A sluggishness seems to take hold in the morning until I get started.  Once I get started, though, I'm good to go for a while.

Yea I can relate to that too
Thanks guys for this I have gained a lot tonight.my fiancee is a ss and when she complain about tiredness even after sleeping for hours I just get frustrated and leave her.I know better now

I know it must be a challenge as I get older, now 62. I try to eat lots of fruit in the morning to give me a boost. Fruit, juice, and water.  Plus, have an agenda you can subscribe to.


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