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Regardless of how much sleep I get and how early I go to bed, I am always still tired and always hard to get out of the bed in the morning. Do you all feel this way too? Is there anything you have done that helps?

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Its actually funny you bring this up, was just telling my sister how I couldn't stay awake while watching my nephew. The only time I have these issues is when my hemoglobin is running low, though its good I no longer go to 4.0 of my blood count 7.6 to 6.0 is my new low. But sometimes I do get the issue when I know my count is high, and I went to bed after 8. What I do in the morning is to make sure I Dont linger in bed if I know im going right back to sleep, but I also have a needy dog who rushes me so she can go outside. Then a baby and a full day of madness I Dont really look forward too. I hope to hear of what other people found out so maybe we can find a common link.
Well, one common reason is eating late- especially heavy meals.
While you sleep, your body keeps dealing with the assignment you gave it close to bed time.

Some, it's because they don't actually sleep soundly although they slept long hours. This is common if your sleep is usually interrupted by something(or someone) in the environment people, also overweight/obese people who do extra work taking in oxygen and snur

* It's important everyone knows that not everything that happens to sickle cell patients is related to sickle cell.
One of the people that got Braggs Apple Cider vinegar from me told me he stopped experiencing that same tiredness on waking. He is a sickle cell patient. (I didn't know that as an effect either but that was his experience.)
I meant to say "He is not a sickle cell patient."

I feel like I am always tired, sometimes needing naps but I am in no position to take mid day naps because I work full time and go to school. I am looking for any remedies as well. The thing about sickle cell is that I am always thirsty and to quench my thirst, I am constantly drinking water. I often wake up at night to use the bathroom and sometimes,  I feel as though I get no rest at all. Otherwise, I think fatigue in general is a issue with me. But I am hoping someone can provide some insight on what helps with the tiredness. Thanks for posting this thread. Oh, and what's up Ade!!!

Sup bro, happy new year man! I def feel u, wish I could take naps too but I'm the same boat with work and classes and yea fatigue is def an issue with anemia in general

Happy New Year, I hope all is well.

Increase your water intake with a bit of lemon.  Get off that sugar and salt.

Has this worked for you?

I am in my late 40s. The struggle is real and I am convinced that it has to do with the disease (for me anyway). I work full time and have 2 teen kids. Sometimes the thought of getting out of bed is just too much. I try to drink more water, a bit of exercise and a regular sleep pattern and these things do help. I also know that I just need to find some time to lie in and try to get some extra rest. I hope that docs will do some research into why this happens to us!
As Dawn said, I feel that my fatigue is related to SCD. I am no longer working, but I remember that I always wanted an afternoon nap, but obviously couldn't take one. Some evenings I would come home and go straight to bed for a least an hour before I could get up and function. Now that I am on disability, I take a 3 pm nap almost daily and I still sleep through the night. Waking up is difficult.

Yes, its a struggle for sure. It seems like no matter how many hours of sleep I get I could sleep more. I recently switched to a schedule where i wake up at 5:30am versus 6:30 in accordance with going to bed earlier and I actually feel a bit better. It's still a challenge every morning though. I had a sleep study and they didn't show I had apnea so I think it is due to SS at least in part. 

Yes it does have to do with sickle cell, our bodies are working very hard even when we are resting and when we are sleeping we are breathing harder and the body is making new blood cells because our cell are dying faster than the person without sickle. So if you feel tired please take a nap and don't feel guilty because you deserve it. Most of us with this disease are living on haft the hemoglobin count as others without the disease. My counts are 6.3 to 6.9 and I get injection for my blood instead blood transfusion. I still need my naps everyday.


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