i need help my baby girl is getting cronic transfusions because of her very large spleen. it is so big it crosses her mid line and u can see it w/o palpating for it. the docs use terms that aren't even medical terms like whoo. should i fight to keep this body part in her or is it time to get it out. if anyone has any info or needs more info i welcolm all help. thanks

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I would let it be removed. I had a similar issue when I was about the same age (I'm 23 now). I actually had to get emergency surgery because it almost ruptured. 

even though she is only 4yrs old you still think i should let it be removed and they don't like to remove the spleen until 5 or 6yrs, too bad her spleen doesn't know that. so many questions main one is how was quality of your life after you had it removed? how old where you when it got removed? her spleen so big even if they can get her hemoglobin up with trans every 2weeks ,it was every 4 weeks then every 3,i don't know if the spleen will get smaller and or function or not sequester again.

Thank you for your reply it really helps to talk to someone who has lived it,espeically when i have to doctors with conflicting opinions plus i live in lansing mi where there is not a support group that i know of. so i really apperciate your info thank you again

Hello Lashelle,

The greatest concern is the health and safety of your daughter. At age four she may not be able to tell you how much of a problem she is having with her large spleen. That said, I would ask her doctor what are the immediate risk of having a spleen that size and what do they expect if it is left in? I know a 10 year old SCD patient with a removed spleen and he is really not any better because he at that age refuse to eat healthy. I was told over and over during my younger years that they needed to remove my spleen but they never did because it always went down after proper re-hydration of oxygen and fluids. That said, the first order of business would be to get her and keep her hydrated with proper oxygen and fluids. YOU MUST stop her from drinking any soda and heavy sugar drinks! Replace it with natural spring water and100% Real drinks such as apple, grape, and orange juice. 

Moringa and Red Tea or Red Bush (Known as ROOIBOS) tea will keep her healthy and hydrated plus filling in the gaps if she should fall short in her diet. 



If the size of her spleen is causing pain over and over even after her transfusing of blood and fluids it could mean that too much damage has occurred and removal is best. If not, try keeping her well hydrated to keep the cells flowing  thru the spleen as it IS NEEDED as a pre-filter for the liver. Keep a close eye on her and let me know if I can be of further help?

Take care, both of you.

thank you for the info and the time. i did have a few questions.  like with all the trans. she is getting (2-3 weeks apart) should i give her the tea since on the moringa health benefits it says it has more iron than spinich. the docs said to make shure that even her kids multi vitamin doesn't have any extra iron. also i noticed you suggested spring water in another post what is the difference between tap, purified,spring, or distilled. thanks again.


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